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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m sure it feels nice, but does massage really do anything?
Massage therapy can help with many physical ailments, whether you’re are an athlete in training or an employee chained to a desk all day. Not only does massage loosen tight muscles, it also increases blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the immune system, lowers blood pressure, calms the nervous system, reduces the stress response and alleviates headaches and fatigue. And, as you’ve probably heard, massage is very relaxing.

Is massage appropriate for everyone?

Yes! I’ve helped children, teens and even 90 year-old clients find relief from stress, muscle strain, ADHD, and many other ailments.

What is “integrative massage”?

Integrative massage incorporates many different techniques based on a client's individual needs. One technique is rarely used alone; generally there is a seamless transition between modalities to achieve a deep sense of comfort and relaxation. Goals could include increasing flexibility, decreasing soreness, releasing tension or any combination thereof. The techniques I apply most often include:

  • • Swedish massage to warm and loosen the tissue and increase blood flow;

  • • Deep-tissue massage to loosen and separate tight, knotted-up muscles to increase flexibility, range of motion and to relieve pain;

  • • Neuromuscular therapy to release trigger points—areas where muscles are impinging on nerve function—stop the nerve from firing, release the muscle cramp and thereby relieve pain, stiffness and discomfort;

  • • Active range of motion to use small movements to release tendons and ligaments and increase the client's awareness of body mechanics, thereby increasing flexibility and mobility;

  • • Myofascial release to warm and loosen the web-like network of connective tissue surrounding the muscles, joints and ligaments; 

  • • Therapeutic Touch to balance energy fields to bring a deeper sense of relaxation, lightness, and joy. 

  • • Lokte Method Connective Tissue Release to increase flexibility and range of motion

What conditions can you treat with massage therapy?

I’ve helped clients with many conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder syndrome, computer strain, headaches, migraines, “weekend warrior” injuries, stress and even PTSD and emotional trauma.

I've heard that massage is painful. Is this true?

Contrary to popular belief, massage does not need to hurt to be effective. Deep tissue massage, if done too quickly or without intention and intuition, can be painful, but this is not my method. I warm and loosen the tissue first, develop trust with the client's body, then gently go into the tissue as deeply as comfortable for the client. If a client wishes me to go deeper, then I will, but only with the client's express permission.


What is Reiki?

Commonly translated as “universal life energy,” Reiki is a technique developed to balance energy flows within the body. For more information, visit


What does Reiki help do?

Reiki helps relieve physical, mental and emotional pain, creating a feeling of well-being, lightness and joy.


Who can benefit from Reiki?

Everyone and anyone! Especially people experiencing stress, emotional discomfort or even physical pain.


Does Reiki help relieve pain?
Reiki is not a substitute for relieving the source of pain unless the pain is emotionally-based. Reiki can help manage chronic pain by easing anxiety about the pain that can often make pain worse, and helping to bring a mindfulness to the pain that contains it to a single, localized area of the body, elimiating referral pain that often makes conditions feel worse.


Reiki is energy work. Do you get rid of negative energy?

We need both positive and negative energy in our bodies just like a battery or a lamp need both a positive charge and a negative charge to work. The negative energy is necessary; I just help to balance the flow of positive and negative energies. As far as "bad" energy, I think of it more as energy that doesn't belong to us; I help the body to rid itself of energy that doesn't belong to it, or perhaps no longer belongs to it.


What is Riverstone Therapy? 

In Riverstone Therapy, Stephanie intuitively combines hot basalt stones with cold marble and quartz stones; Reiki Energy Healing; and Intuitive Massage to provide a powerful therapy that is not only deeply relaxing, but aids in physical, emotional, and energetic healing. The stones used in two ways. Some stones are placed on the body and allowed to rest, letting the heat or cold work through the system. At the same time, Stephanie will use oiled stones as a massage tool to knead and stripe the body, breaking up congested energy, sticky connective tissue, and knotted muscles, while increasing circulation and lymphatic flow. The seasons, and seasons of life are also taken into consideration when choosing the amount of heat and cold to use. 


What are the Benefits of Riverstone Therapy? 
  • Physical Benefits:

    • Increased circulation

    • Improved lymphatic drainage and lymphatic flow

    • Warming and stretching of fascia and other connective tissue

    • Loosening and breaking up of adhesions and “knots” in muscles

    • Increased range of motion and flexibility

    • Decreased inflammation in fascia, joints and connective tissue

    • Decreased pain and headaches

    • Balanced immune system  (increased healthy immune response, decreased autoimmune reaction)

  • Emotional Benefits:

    • Decreased “fight or flight” response

    • Increased and activated parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and relax” response)

    • Emotionally calming

    • Release of oxytocin and endorphins -- “feel good” neurotransmitters

  • Energetic Benefits

    • Grounding

    • Clarifying

    • Increased energy awareness and sensitivity

    • Balanced masculine and feminine energies

    • Balance of hot and cold energies in the body

    • Clearing of energetic congestion to increase flow through channels

    • Balancing of energetic excesses and deficiencies (Clearing the logjams to allow the energy river to flow to where the body is parched)


What is Obsidian Mirror Therapy?

The Obsidiana, or Obsidian Mirror is a one-thousand year old Mayan technique that uses a polished obsidian disk to bring the client to the deepest levels of awareness. According to the Mayan belief, the Mirror can reflect to us our true selves, allowing us to see the obstacles keeping us from living as our true selves, and show us changes we need to make in our lives. This is very powerful emotional healing.


Do I want to see my true self??

Yes! The True Self is who we are created to be, the way God created us. It is our reflection of Jesus, Buddha, Shakti, or simply divine perfection. In our society we are led to believe that who we are inside is ugly, wicked, or frightful, when the opposite is true. Who we are inside is beautiful and powerful. We think that we are ugly, when really we are seeing the dirty smudges, grime, and years of layers of dust on the mirror. The Obsidian Mirror helps us to wipe off the grime, dust, and smudges to see the True Self, and also helps us to recognize what is causing the grime and dust, and how to clean it from our lives.


What is Lokte Method Connective Tissue Release? 

Lokte Method Connective Tissue Release is a powerful deep myofascial stretching technique that increases flexibility and range of motion for athletes and those in physical recovery. The practitioner uses carefully controlled weight anchored with the sole of their foot to isolate dysfunctional tissue while the client provides slow, directed movement to release "stuck" tissue allowing for immediate relief. Lokte Method sessions are short in duration, and can be added to a regular massage session or employed on their own. 

Have any questions not answered here, I would love to talk - contact me below!

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