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Vetiver: The Calm in the Chaos

Feeling nervous, insecure, or out of sorts? When most people think of relaxing essential oils, they immediately picture the popular floral smells like lavender and chamomile. However, my favorite calming oil is Vetivert, also spelled vetiver. Vetivert is the root of the Chrysopogon zizanioides, a grass plant most closely related to sorghum, but also similar to lemongrass and citronella; being the root, it has an earthy smell rather than grassy. I love using this oil in my bath or on my lower back to help me ground and relax, and also on clients for the same purpose.

With its deep, earthy smell and feel (it’s a very thick, viscous brown,) vetiver is calming, grounding, and centering. Balancing for the root chakra, our center of safety and security, it helps us to connect our own roots deep into the earth.

Vetivert also balances the solar plexus chakra, our center of confidence and personal strength. In this way it helps bring in a feeling of security, something we could all benefit from these days. In “Aromatherapy, the Complete Guide,” Mindy Green writes this about the oil: “Releasing deep fear and tension...vetivert gives individuals who tend to feel nervous, anxious, or overly sensitive a sense of security” (Keville and Green, p 214.)

For those who pick up on the emotions and energies of others easily, those sensitive empaths, vetivert can provide protection to keep us from absorbing other people’s “stuff.”

If you feel you could benefit from vetivert, but would like it blended with other oils specially for your needs, please reach out to me for a remote custom aromatherapy session.


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