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I am Stephanie L Soder. I have been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1995. I integrate deep tissue massage with Swedish, Myofascial Release, and active range of motion, bringing the client's breath and awareness into the process as much as possible to achieve a deep, healing release from pain due to tension, injuries, work-related stressors, or everyday life stress.

In 2010, I received training in Reiki levels I to III, Healing Touch, and Therapeutic Touch from Emory Wilder. In 2011 I took a class on the ancient Mayan technique of Obsidiana, or Obsidian Mirror from Juan Carlos Solano Alcocer. In 2017, I became certified as an Energy Awareness Level 3 Healer from Leanne Holitza of Insightful Inspirations, an Usui Reiki Master Teacher from Teresa Dunwell, and a Lokte Method Level 2 practitioner from Ashley O'Connell.  I am still in the process of discovering and developing my energies, and am enjoying playing with new tools. My newest tools include subtle aromatherapy and sound healing with bowls and tuning forks. 

I grew up in Colorado and New Mexico, and have always felt myself drawn to the beautiful rivers of the Rocky Mountains and the Sandia Peaks. In 2009, during a meditation next to the Ceran St. Vrain River, I realized that mountain rivers have always been the source of my own healing. When I received the Reiki II attunement, that same river energy became the source of my ability to bring healing to others. Although I add energy work into each massage, I can do a full session of Reiki/Healing Touch.

Peace & Healing,

Stephanie Soder

I would like to extend enormous gratitude to my amazing teachers (in no particular order): Emory Wilder, Jay E Valusek, Dr. Linda White, Carol Jensen, Khenchen Palden Rinpoche, Khenpo Tsewang Rinpoche, Leanne Holitza, Teresa Dunwell, Juan Carlos Solano Alcocer, Rita Navarette, my incredibly spirited children, and the everflowing River.