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Riverstone Therapy

Riverstone Therapy is a unique healing modality that utilizes both hot basalt and cold marble and quartz stones; Reiki Healing Energy, and Intuitive Massage to relax and stretch muscles and connective tissue; improve circulation and lymphatic flow; decrease pain and inflammation in the joints, muscles, and connective tissue; balance masculine and feminine energies; increase energetic sensitivity and awareness; and reduce stress to create an unparalleled relaxing, healing experience.

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Mayan Obsidiana

Obsidiana is an ancient Mayan technique that uses a large, polished disc of made of black volcanic glass. Obsidiana helps us to see deep inside ourselves and identify changes we can make in our attitude, thoughts, or behaviors. Obsidian is reflective, like a mirror. Over time, our own internal mirrors become obscured with grime, dust, oils. Obsidian helps us to see what that grime is, and to gently clean it off, so we can see clearly and with confidence. Obsidiana can be incorporated into any massage, Reiki, or Riverstone Therapy session. 

Body Massage
Intuitive Massage

Exceptional massage therapy includes more than just kneading muscles. The body consists of layers of muscle, connective tissue, fascia, energy channels, and bioenergic fields. We are a combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spitirual beings. An intuitive massage therapist is able to feel through all these layers to clear congestion and release stuck patterns and bring about a sense of peaceful relaxation along with ease of movement.

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Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki is a hands-on or -off technique that uses Divine Holy Light to assist the healing of pain, trauma, emotional and spiritual wounds, relationship patterns, childhood wounds, and unconscious limiting beliefs that can hold us back. Karuna Reiki is the Reiki of Compassionate Action, to help you reach you highest potential. Together, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki is a powerful healing modality that can help you to heal deep wounds and move forward.

Brother's Kiss
Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy brings with it more than just a sense of joy, hope for the future, and a promise of new life. It also brings in physical pains from a changing body shape, anxieties and fears of new experiences, and new emotions shared with a tiny growing spirit. Prenatal massage helps greatly to lessen those physical discomforts, ease anxieties, and connect mom with her newest family member. Prenatal massage is a wonderful addition to the pregnancy care routine.

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Energy Healing

We are energy, as everything in the universe is energy. When we are feeling stuck in life, in seemingly endless cycles of relationship drama, money problems or job issues, we are struggling with patterns based on limiting beliefs, childhood emotional wounds, and past-life trauma. Subtle energy work allows the healer to go into those patterns, gently releasing them to create more ease and flow in life. 

Introducing 2 Healer Reiki Healing

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Fusion Healing Reiki Session

Enjoy the unique healing benefits of 2 healers! Leanne Holitza of Insightful Inspirations will clear unconscious blocks and activate your full healing potential while Stephanie uses Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki to balance your energy system. The session will consist of 15 minutes of discussion and 45 minutes of Reiki and subtle energy balancing, with minimal discussion as needed.
This appointment is available on Wednesdays at 10:15 a.m. only.

Visit to learn more about Leanne. 

I can always create custom packages based on the services above. Consider a Wellness Package, an Ease of Movement Package, or a Balancing Package to bring you back to a state of Blissful Relaxation.

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