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Reiki Workshops, Reiki Shares, Subtle Aromatherapy Classes, Essential Oil make-and-take classes and more are offered monthly. Click the class title for more information and to register.

Reiki Workshops

Subtle Energy

Friday 4:00pm to 9:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

We are experiencing a time of powerful global transformation. Healers of from all sources are being called to assist in this transformation. Regardless of your previous skills or abilities, you can join in the healing of the Earth, her people and animals through Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki I and II. Based on both traditional Usui teaching and the Divine Holy Light of Holy Fire® Reiki. This is a hands-on or hands-off healing technique that brings gentle, peaceful healing of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. 
Class size in limited to 8 due to COVID-19 rules. If you'd like an experience with a bigger class size, consider taking an online version of this class. 
Fees include materials, instruction, and certification.


6pm to 7pm Every Tuesday Evening

~~To help us heal through COVID-19, Reiki Share is Virtual and weekly through the end of June, at least.~

Mountain River Therapeutics is pleased to offer  a monthly Reiki Share on the third Tuesday of every month. Reiki shares are a beautiful way to raise our own vibrations and those of our loved ones, communities, and planet. The Share will be led by Stephanie L Soder, LCMT, Intuitive Massage Therapist and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master. The meeting will begin with a Holy Fire Experience or meditation which lasts about 20 minutes. We will then open the distance circle to our loved ones, community, planet, and cosmos. After a short break, we will share Reiki with each other in small groups, then come back together to close out the circle. 
Cost of $10 pays for the rental of the Healing Studio classroom for the evening. 
Register by clicking the title of the class above. 


Saturday 9:00 to 5:00 and Sunday 10:30 to 4:30


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Come join Stephanie with Melissa DiRenzo to enjoy a powerful combination of singing bowl sound therapy, Reiki, crystal healing, and subtle aromatherapy. 

What to expect:

Stephanie will lead a guided meditation called Holy Love Healing Experience while Melissa uses quieter, deeper sound bowls. Then, while you relax into the healing experience, Melissa will transform you through the sounds of crystal and brass bowls, chimes, and a gong. Stephanie will use crystals and subtle aromatherapy with hands-off Reiki to enhance each person's healing experience, leaving you in a state of supreme relaxation, clarity, and bliss. 

Cost: $30

Please bring your own mat, pillow, and blanket to this event. 

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Sunday, July 5th at 9:00 a.m.

   Walk with Stephanie L Soder, LCMT, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master and amateur nature therapist as we learn how to use nature to ground, center, and heal our spirit. We will spend time talking, walking in silence, and sitting in silence, with guided meditations throughout. 
For this time, to keep ourselves and each other safe, we will also maintain physical distance of 6 feet. Please let me know if you need audio accommodations to hear me through the background noises of nature.

Rewrite Your Story

Three years ago, Leanne Holitza of Insightful Inspirations introduced me to a board game healing session she called “Rewrite Your Story.” At the time, I had a lot of painful life stories, and was intrigued as to how to rewrite them into ones of strength. Three years later, I reflect on those fun game sessions being an essential part of my healing and transformation. Held in a safe, confidential space, the sessions involve a lot of laughter, occasional tears, and subconscious rewiring of long-held patterns, allowing us to move forward into feeling lighter and stronger. ~Stephanie, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Facilitator.


Who should attend:

Anybody who wants to shift out of stuck patterns is welcome to come play this fun board game.


What to expect:

We will play a fun, interactive, non-competitive board game. You can expect to play for about two hours, and leave feeling lighter, with more clarity and self-compassion. 


Play is limited to four. Click the link above to reserve your spot!

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