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Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I and II

We are experiencing a time of powerful global transformation.

Healers from all sources are being called to assist in this rapid change. Regardless of your previous skills or abilities, you can join in the healing of the Earth, her people and animals through Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki I and II. Based on both traditional Usui teaching and the Divine Holy Light of Holy Fire® Reiki. This is a hands-on or hands-off healing technique that brings gentle, peaceful healing of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. 

Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I and II use Placements rather than attunements, which is a hands-off technique for initiation. Class size is limited to 8.

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2024 Workshops
March 2nd and 3rd 
June 1st and 2nd 
July 8th and 9th
October 5th and 6th
All classes are hybrid model, so students may attend in-person on online, or a combination.

All classes are 10am to 6pm unless otherwise specified.

Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Usui/ Holy Fire® III Reiki energy is soft, gentle, and powerful. In this Master level workshop is a full training in three days.
You will learn Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions (Placements and Ignitions provide the same benefit as attunements) and in the process you will receive multiple healings yourself and go through a deeply healing experience. 

Please contact me if you're interested in Holy Fire III Reiki Master Training.
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All Classes are 10am to 6pm unless

otherwise specified.

You feel yourself growing, shifting, changing, wanting to understand, wanting to be of assistance. You know you have a greater purpose for this one precious life. You are sensitive to the feelings of those around you and what is happening in the bigger picture. You’re ready to deepen your journey of healing, expanding, and transformation. This program is for you.

 In this 6-month program, you’ll learn to understand energy, consciousness, and awareness.

CONNECTIONS: Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master
Intuitive Energy Program

You’ve taken Reiki Level I and II and are ready to take your training further.

2024 Program

Wednesday Evenings 6pm-8pm
In-person and Online hybrid

September 2024-March 2025
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Mountain River Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki

Group Healing Experience

Need a short, gentle healing boost mid-week? Join Stephanie L Soder, Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki Master Teacher as she guides you and the group through a gentle Healing Meditation with soft music and the Divine Holy Light of Holy Fire ® III Karuna Reiki. You will simply sit or lie quietly for 25 minutes, listen to a guided visualization, then go quietly within to let the healing take place. When it is time, Stephanie will gently guide the group out of the healing and allow time for journaling, reflection, and voluntary sharing of experiences. 


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Upcoming Sessions
Now available by appointment
Rewrite Your Story:
Healing Through Play 
Now available by appointment

Three years ago, Leanne Holitza introduced me to a board game healing session she called “Rewrite Your Story.” At the time, I had a lot of painful life stories, and was intrigued as to how to rewrite them into stories of strength. Three years later, I reflect on those fun game sessions being an essential part of my healing and transformation. Held in a safe, confidential space, the sessions involve a lot of laughter, occasional tears, and subconscious rewiring of long-held patterns, allowing us to move forward into feeling lighter and stronger. ~Stephanie, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Facilitator 


Anybody who wants to shift out of stuck patterns is welcome to come play this fun board game. You can expect to play for about two hours, and leave feeling more clarity and self-compassion. 


Upcoming Sessions
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