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What is Remote Healing? What is Distance Reiki?

When times are most confusing, massage offices and healing centers are made to close and we must stay home to keep everyone safe. But how do we reach out and connect with healing when we need it?

In these uncertain times, countless employees are being sent home to work remotely. Working at home readily brings up images of teachers in video classrooms, corporate workers on conference chats, and even live-streaming yoga classes. Reiki, though? How would a therapist do a healing session remotely? How does that even work?

Energy is all around us, and Reiki flows where it's needed whether it is from six inches above the table or six thousand miles away. Just like a cell phone that doesn't need a wire to pick up a signal, or a radio sending out music across the miles, Energy can be accessed and worked with from anywhere. We are energy, with a little matter to hold us together. Through remote healing, as with distance Reiki, I am able to ask the energy what is going on, and help the client shift emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks that cause physical pain, allowing them to feel more at ease.

Read what one client said about her sessions, both in-person and remote:

"After years of struggling with headaches and neck pain, I was running out of treatment options and decided to give Reiki a try. While visiting the Denver area and experiencing a pain flare-up, I decided to make a Reiki appointment with Stephanie at Mountain River Therapeutics. I walked away from my appointment pain free and amazed. Stephanie is very intuitive and compassionate -- she is a very skilled healer. She listens, not just with her mind, but her heart. She was able to identify some of the factors that were contributing to my pain, which empowered me to better manage my health. Stephanie helped me realize the ways in which emotions and situations manifest in the body. She also helped me learn techniques and tools to manage my pain independently. While I do not reside in the Denver area, I am able to continue seeing Stephanie remotely, which I have found to be just as helpful. Her ability to connect with her clients, even remotely, is truly amazing. I feel so fortunate to have found her. 

With love and gratitude, 

Sophia A."

Give Distance Reiki (remote healing) a try for yourself today.


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