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Reiki for Releasing Grief and Trauma

We have never lived through a global pandemic of this scale before. No matter our age, vocation, lifestyle, or family dynamics, our lives are much different than they were when the year began. We are quickly learning new ways of being in the world, in our homes, in our families. Some of us are busy rearranging our business and work schedules, or helping restless children find outlets for their energy while introducing them to online schooling. Others of us have too much time on our hands, and so are deep-cleaning, binge-watching, going back to puzzles and board games, or learning something new. Some are merely going within, either deeply centering themselves, or withdrawing from the panic. Most of us are doing all of the above.

All of these are acceptable responses, and all are trauma responses. How are they response to trauma when they feel healthy? Because our bodies have never seen a global pandemic before, and don't know how to respond, so we fight (anxiety, busy-ness, checking statistics often, watching news programs, irritability;) we flee (long walks with the dog, running trails, joining all the virtual exercise groups we can find;) or we freeze (binge-watching, meditating, sleeping, avoiding reality.) Sometimes, we hit overwhelm and aren't sure what to do. We are also grieving. We are grieving the life we had before, with routines, and schedules, and comfortable predictability.

Reiki is a powerful healing method that can help release fear, anxiety, grief, and trauma responses that may be linked to earlier life experiences of feeling loss, abandonment, hurt, isolation, or neglect. You need not be present for the Reiki to work. Just like a radio or cell phone can transmit sound (energy) through the airwaves, a Reiki practitioner can send healing energy through distance. We can do this through Zoom, Google Hangouts, or over the phone. Hang in there everybody. Be gentle with yourselves and others. Sending you all love.


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