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Nature Scavenger Hunt!

Hi Again! Your amateur nature therapist here, with another fun activity to do outside while going for your physical distancing walks and connecting with nature: a nature scavenger hunt! This hunt is based on principles of Take only photos, Leave only footprints, so you won’t be taking anything with you, just observing and recording in your favorite way. This is another activity that is perfect for any age, because different ages will observe and record nature on different levels. Be scientific, be artistic, be logical, be creative, just do this activity your way. :)

Nature Scavenger Hunt: Take a notebook, sketch pad, digital or phone camera, phone recorder, or anything that suits you to record your observations. Take only memories, leave only footprints. Do this in a day, in a week, in a month. Do it your way.


  • A pine cone that looks like an animal. What animal?

  • A fallen branch that looks like a person. What is the branch person doing?

  • A rock that is not grey. What color or colors is it?

  • A rock in the shape of something. What shape is it?

  • A branch or stick that is not brown. What color is it?

  • A fallen leaf that hasn’t decomposed yet.

  • Anything green. What color green?

  • A tiny bird

  • A squirrel’s nest (you may have to look up!)

  • An animal that is not a dog or a cat. What animal?

  • A pair of ducks. What are they doing?

  • A bird that is black.

  • An amphibian.

  • A cloud in the shape of something exciting. What shape?

  • A very green leaf

  • A berry

  • Something orange.

  • Something human-made that is not trash/waste/garbage.

  • An expansive view

  • An insect doing something very important. What is it doing?

  • A raptor.

  • A nocturnal creature.

  • The smallest natural thing you can see currently

  • The sound of water. What sound can you pick out? What does that sound look like?

  • Something that smells sweet.

  • Something that smells rotten.

  • Mud

  • Reflection

  • A bird that is not black

  • A shell

  • Something yellow

  • Something red

  • Something wet

  • Something dirty

  • Something clean

  • Your favorite sound.

  • Something you truly love.


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