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Looking for the Light in Unexpected Places

While out taking my own nature walk this morning, I thought back to all the difficult times in my own life, when things felt uncertain. During one of those times, I felt myself noticing, for the first time, light shining from unexpected places. As though I had suddenly become a photographer, whose images depend so much on light, I noticed flashes of sunlight through trembling aspen leaves in the highest branches of the tree, reflections of early morning sun off of a puddle on the sidewalk, and the way the evening sun reflects off of a blade of grass.

Lately, I have been pausing to watch the way the light reflects off of the gentle waves of the pond near my house, up onto the trunks of the tree on the pond's edge. Gentle waves of light delicately dancing on the trunk of a juvenile cottonwood instill a feeling of calm.

Other places to look for light: the bottom of a river bed, a reed next to a lake, the feathers on a mallard's back, a stone mottled with mica, the center a thunderhead cloud.

Where do you find Light in Unexpected Places? Feel free to share in the comments.


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