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The world is so different than even two weeks ago. The emotions of change, sudden loss of income, way of life, especially the mounting loss of our safe place in the world can feel overwhelming. I know, I go into and out of those emotions myself.

There are many resources to help, and everyone resonates with a different energy. Check below to see what might resonate for you:

~ Nature therapy is so beneficial for this, as it helps us ground, center, and opens our awareness to the present moment. You can find several articles on the subject here on my blog. If you need assistance in finding custom ways to connect to nature from your quarantine space, I am happy to help. I myself have used nature as a healing helper for several decades, and have many ideas.

~ Reiki Energy Healing. Articles about this are also here on this blog. Just like your cell phone sends messages through airwaves via energy, energy can be used to shift emotions from fear or loneliness to peacefulness and confidence. If you are concerned about price because of income, please reach out to me and we can work within what you need.

~ Oracle card reading with Intuitive Energy Healing. The oracle cards are another way to tap into energy to hear messages our guides would like us to know, messages about our abundance, our purpose in this rapidly changing world, or what would most help us feel safe and protected right now. Often, our fears feel magnified because we are holding onto fears that began in childhood, and these messages can help us heal those wounds so we feel stronger in our ability to face present challenges.


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