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Riverstone Therapy, Combining Energy Clearing with Exceptional Massage

The Power of Water and Stones

Mountain River Therapeutics is pleased to announce the offering of another powerful form of healing therapy -- Riverstone Therapy. In Riverstone Therapy, Stephanie intuitively combines warm basalt stones with cold marble and quartz stones; Reiki Energy Healing; and Intuitive Massage to provide a powerful therapy that is not only deeply relaxing, but aids in physical, emotional, and energetic healing. The stones are used in two ways. Some stones are placed on the body and allowed to rest, letting the heat or cold work through the system. At the same time, Stephanie will use oiled stones as a massage tool to knead and stripe the body, breaking up congested energy, sticky connective tissue, and knotted muscles, while increasing circulation and lymphatic flow.

Benefits of Riverstone Therapy include:

  • Physical Benefits:

  • Increased circulation

  • Improved lymphatic drainage and lymphatic flow

  • Warming and stretching of fascia and other connective tissue

  • Loosening and breaking up of adhesions and “knots” in muscles

  • Increased range of motion and flexibility

  • Decreased inflammation in fascia, joints and connective tissue

  • Decreased pain and headaches

  • Balanced immune system (increased healthy immune response, decreased autoimmune reaction)

  • Connection of mind and body through client’s increased awareness of where the body is in space, physical sensations, and an awareness of what needs attention.

  • Balancing of hormones through activating the nervous system's regulation of cortisol

  • Emotional Benefits:

  • Decreased “fight or flight” response

  • Increased and activated parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and relax” response)

  • Emotionally calming

  • Release of oxytocin and endorphins -- “feel good” neurotransmitters

  • Energetic Benefits

  • Grounding

  • Clarifying

  • Increased energy awareness and sensitivity

  • Balanced masculine and feminine energies

  • Balance of hot and cold energies in the body

  • Clearing of energetic congestion to increase flow through channels

  • Balancing of energetic excesses and deficiencies (Clearing the logjams to allow the energy river to flow to where the body is parched)

  • Think of it as an energetic "recalibration."

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