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March: Awakening Your Dreams

Snow, Spring, Hyacinth, Stones
Hyacinth waking up in Spring

March is a Time for Awakening Your Dreams

I held dozens of jobs between the ages of 16 and 25 (a trend that continued for many years after.) and was in and out of college several times. Those adventures taught me one thing early on: March is a time for beginnings. My life began mid-March, and any other endeavor that I begin -- a school program, a class, a job, a career, has its highest chance of success if I continue my pattern and begin this month. My spirit starts to wake up, and I feel glimmers of hope, optimism, and excitement for coming projects.

March is more than just a fortuitous time for me, it is a powerful season of transition for the Earth. We are crawling out of the cold, quiet, restful days of winter, but have not fully awakened to the busy planting season. Our eyes are still crusty with sleep, and our heads dreamy, but we are sitting up and throwing off the covers. Mama Earth is awakening slowly, too, with snowy blankets melting to uncover the tiny shoots of crocuses, and rays of sun peeking through the clouds. Use your half-dreamy state to think about what you want to plant. Let the ideas begin to warm up, melt into consciousness, and shine into your awareness. Give new hope to your dreams. What new beginnings are exciting you? What projects can you put on a slow simmer? Share your thoughts! I’d love to know. As for me, I am planning what beautiful things to plant in my yard, in my healing work, and in my life. <3


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